Can Hair Dye Products Cause Cancer?

Can Hair Dye Products Cause Cancer?

Can Hair Dye Products Cause Cancer?

The Links Between Hair Dye and Cancer.

We all want a bit of change now and again. And what better way to do it than to change the colour of your hair. It’s like an instant transformation. From  brunette to  blond or from a blond to a brunette, you feel like completely different person.

Now the common concern with hair dyes is the link to cancer. Many scientific studies and research have concluded that the toxic ingredients used in hair dye  products can promote cancer causing cells. Hair dyes contain toxic ingredients that are highly carcinogenic and inevitably absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream. If we were to do a list for the top 10 most toxic personal care products, hair dye would be right up there near the top.


Now I’m not here to run a scare campaign to stop people from colouring their hair (because the world would be quite dull if we didn’t have the option to change our hair colours). However, I must warn that long-term regular use of hair dye may increase your risk of cancer relating to malignant tumors of lymph tissue. Not to mention, that hair dye is associated with thinning hair, hair damage and destroying hair follicles.

New more advanced formulations claim that it’s much safer to use than those developed in the 1980s. There maybe some truth to that. However toxic it may be, if it’s done once in a long while, it will not do you much harm. More concern is focused on professional hair dressers which are constantly exposed to the toxic hair dye fumes inhaled daily. A 1991 study shows that hair stylist are 3 times more likely to develop breast cancer when they worked with hair dye products for more than 5 years.

Hair dye is unlikely to be a significant risk factor for cancer. The link between hair dye and cancer is weak for those which are only exposed to it once in a while for a hair colour change. However, hair professionals which are constantly exposed to hair dyes pose a much greater link to cancer.

A natural hair dye is always a great alternative to try. I must admit however, it is much weaker than the conventional toxic hair dyes and there maybe difficulties when you want to change from dark coloured hair to a much lighter shade.

If you are concerned about cancer, I’d pay more attention, to your diet, smoking habits, stress levels, family history …… than worry about whether you choose to be a red head or a blondy.


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