8 Ways to Have Greener Sex

8 Ways to Have Greener Sex

8 Ways to Have Greener Sex


The next time your partner refuses to get intimate, tell her you’re helping to save the environment and doing it for a good cause.

How can your partner resist your super hero charm when you’re acting like Captain Planet and Joe Black.

Saving the environment whilst enjoying each others company. Here are 8 ways to practice greener sex:

1. Lets start practicing safer and Greener sex with Condoms
Rubber is bad for the environment. But that is NO excuse not to wear a condom. If you don’t want an unplanned pregnancy and unless you are absolutely sure of your partners STD status, then wear a condom! Protection means safer sex and pregnancy free sex. But lets face it, you can’t reuse or recycle a condom. So the best thing you can do is to send it to the landfills. Don’t flush your used condoms down the toilet as it can clog our rivers and harm our wildlife.

2. A bit dry down there?

When you want to glide into the slippery fun tunnel but finding too much friction between the cracks. Then lubrication can give you a bit more slippery sliding fun. Go green, organic, and natural when selecting your lube. Avoid petroleum products, artificial scents, flavors, and colors. For a great organic lubricant, click here to try “Yes Organic lubricant”.

3. Battery operated toys consume energy

More Power, MORE POWER….. When you’re on the verge of hitting a home run, the last thing you’ll be thinking of is saving energy. If your sex toy of choice is a power tool, buy a rechargeable one or use your own rechargeable batteries.

Try hitting your home runs with manual bats instead. More labour work is involved but I assure you the home run is just as satisfying. As many of these plastic toys are made from toxic chemicals (phthalates is a chemical used to soften the hard plastic to give it the soft jelly like feel). For a greener hitting experience, try smacking it with toys made from glass, metal, hard plastics. If you must use one made from soft plastic, put a condom over your bat in your next game.

4. Taste some Vegan Juice

Love juice apparently taste better from a vegan than from a meat eater. The meat industry is immensely resource intensive and accounts for a large percentage of the world’s water pollution. So go vegan and spread the love. The next time your partner tells you she’s not thirsty as an excuse, tell her it’s 100% natural vegetable juice……. she may change her mind…..  its worth a try.

5. Spice it up with bamboo and organic cotton

Bamboo fabric can be quite erotic. It’s silky nature makes it ultra smooth to play around in. Add to that your organic cotton sheets and the big Anaconda that’s crawling around in your bed, and you’re practically rumbling in the jungle.

6. Save Energy by Getting Romantic

Candles is a great way for getting romantic and saving electricity. Better yet turn off everything, the lights, the candles, the blinds. Now that all you can see is darkness, you can imagine making love with your idol actor or actress……. (only joking…… think only of your loving partner)

7. Save Water

Intimate showers with your partner will help save on the water bills. Showering together means more efficient use of water – if you can control your urges. 2 people naked with hot soapy water running down your body can be an invitation to get a little bit raunchy. You may end up staying 3 times as long to complete any unfinished business. If things do get a bit steamy in there, try to finish your business in the bedroom instead. Think of your water bills!

8. Put away the Viagra and take out the Tiger Penis Soup.

Well maybe not the Tiger penis soup. I’m STRONGLY against the killing of animals. So please NO tiger penis soup. But do take out the natural herbal stuff when your rocket is not firing on all cylinders.

Feel like you’re 21 again and find endurance and arousal from many proven herbal aid. Sometimes when the equipment is just not working the way it should, herbal friends such as ginseng, horny goat weed, organic dark chocolates, ginko biloba will help. Works just as well for us ladies, you’ll be flooding a river between the canyons. (Beer is not one of these friends, I repeat beer is not your tiger penis soup).


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2 thoughts on “8 Ways to Have Greener Sex

  1. Blain S

    All I can say is “FUNNY”. I couldn’t stop laughing whilst reading this article. I’ll definitely go green the next time I have sex. Didn’t know there were so many benefits.

    Safe and green sex everybody!

  2. Penny Wong

    The shower thing doesn’t work. Me and my bf took a shower together and we ended up spending 1/2 hour in there. Although it was one of the best 1/2 hours ever.


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