7 Ways to Destroy Your Skin Beauty

7 Ways to Destroy Your Skin Beauty

7 Ways to Destroy Your Skin Beauty

If you want dry, leathery, course, dehydrated, blotchy, sagging, wrinkled, bumpy, dull coloured skin, then you’ve come to the right place. If destroying your skin beauty is your intention, then here are 7 quick and possibly life threatening ways to do it.

1. Excessive Sun Exposure
2. Smoking Cigarettes
3. Excessive Stress
4. Excessive Alcohol
5. Excessive Caffeinated Drinks
6. Yo yo Dieting
7. Poor Diet


1. Excessive Sun Exposure

When you get a sun burn, you are literally burning your skin. Your skin is on fire! Increased sun exposure attacks your skin’s defensive barriers putting great burden to your antioxidants and repair mechanisms, as well as crippling your immune system to fight off all the dangerous free radical substances created.

The UV rays first will cause damage to the epidermus (the outer layer of skin). Over time, it also damages the upper layers of the dermis, leaving it thinner, less resilient and more susceptible to wrinkling. Collagen and elastin fibres are put under great stress and begin to break down conspiring with gravity to cause gradual drooping and sagging.

You want to look like 50 years of age when you’re only in your late thirties? Sun bathing will do it.

2. Smoking Cigarettes

The long term effects of smoking on your appearance can cause deeply grooved crow’s feet, vertical furrows above the lips, broken capillaries, thinning skin and the trademark grey hue to the complexion that all smokers suffer. Cigarettes will cause a particular brand of wrinkles known as smoker’s lines.

The main reason that cigarette smoke is toxic to your skin is that four thousand beauty busting chemical compounds are produced when tobacco burns! Also the nicotine in cigarettes constricts blood vessels and deprives your cells of oxygen and nutrients. Studies show that during smoking there’s thirty per cent decrease in oxygen supply to your skin. Cigarette smoke is also hazardous to the healthy turnover of your skin cells.

3. Excessive Stress

Our bodies react to stress in three phases: alarm resistance exhaustion The alarm phase is our ‘fight or flight’ response. The body releases a number of stress hormones, including one called cortisol, as it prepares to do battle. However, as modern-day stressors typically aren’t physicall things that we can fight or run away from, the alarm stage is prolonged, leading us into the next phases: resistance and then exhaustion. It’s during this exhaustion phase that our body becomes distressed, which can result i everything from fatigue to accelerated aging.

Excessive stress causes an over production of cortisol. Cortisol is a pro-aging hormone because when it is secreted in high amounts over extended periods the inflammation process is stepped up, and in turn this can lead to a depressed immune function, a decrease in muscle mass, an increase in age accelerating insulin and fat storage, plus thinning of the skin.

4. Excessive Caffeinated Drink

Caffeine is also a diuretic, so it saps your body and skin of moisture. Another problem with caffeine is that it activates your adrenal glands, raising your levels of stress hormones.

5. Excessive Alcohol

Alcohol is a diuretic, it dehydrates the body and can sap it of B Vitamins. A deficiency in B vitamins can result in dry thin skin and trigger other skin conditions such as acne, rosacea. Alcohol may cause blood vessels to dilate, creating puffiness around the eyelids and a generally swollen appearance. Because of its diuretic effects, it increases leakage of blood vessels and capillaries, especially under the eyes, also leading to puffiness and redness of the lower eyelids. Another unattractive effect of alcohol is a lowered resting muscle tone, which can make the face look drawn.

Alcohol can also bring about the clumping of the capillaries. So instead of the millions of red blood cells circulating freely, they tend to clump together and clog tiny blood vessels interfering with circulation so that the cells don’t get enough oxygen. The tiny ruptures that take place in small blood vessels are a major factor behind the appearance of broken capillaries on the face.

6. Yo yo dieting

You want wrinkles fast! One sure way is to put on lots of weight and then lose it quickly. Regardless of the cause, extreme weight gain or loss will have a huge impact on your skin. Weight gain stretches your skin. Once you drop the extra kilos, the skin remains loose rather than reverting to its original state. You’ll notice, stretch marks, saggy skin, and more lines.

7. Poor Fatty Diet

A poor diet on top of the smoking, drinking, stress and sun bathing, is just the perfect recipe for dull lifeless skin and more importantly ill health. Your skin will need ample amounts of nutrients for it to counter off the nasty toxins you are pumping in. Vitamins, minerals, essential oils…… If you are not getting the nutrients, then you are taking your skin on a beauty suicide course.

So if you are on a mission to destroy your body and skin, then the above tips will surely lead you down that destructive path. For those of you that are interested in having beautiful youthful radiant glowing skin then simply avoid as much as possible each of the above skin destroyers.


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