5 Reasons Why Going Organic Will Rock Your World

5 Reasons Why Going Organic Will Rock Your World

5 Reasons Why Going Organic Will Rock Your World

The world has been rocked by mankind…….. Whether the effects have been good or bad, that is not for me to judge. But by going organic, you can turn back the clock and reverse some of the bad damages we have inflicted to our environment, our natural habitat, and our personal health.

Lets join together and rock this world in a positive way to create a better place for all of mankind. Here’s 5 reasons why going organic will rock your world.


1. Delicious Tasting Food Love your food? Then you’ll love the taste of beautifully cooked dishes using organic ingredients. From the food we eat, to the products we use, we are ultimately the main beneficiaries as a result of organic farming and harvesting. Fruits are sweeter, vegetables have more flavour and meats are more nutritious to our bodies. Trust me, you can really taste the difference.

2. Prevent Antibiotic Resistant Bugs Conventionally raised farm animals are routinely given antibiotics to promote growth and to fight off infections. The consumption of such antibiotic infected meat may enhance the evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

3. Absorb Nutrition Into Your Body, Not Chemicals Organically derived products are free from harmful toxic chemicals. The average conventional commercially grown apple has multiple toxic synthetic chemicals on its skin even after washing. These includes pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and fungicides….etc. Toxic residues from these chemicals are found on conventionally grown fruit, herbs, plants and vegetables and even snacks, skin care products and clothing. Another great reason to go organic

4. Compassion Towards Animal Welfare. If you ever visit a commercial animal farm, the conditions may come as a bit of a shock you. Conditions for raising animals on commercial farms and feedlots are quite cruel indeed. Conditions will prevent them from following a normal rate of growth and development. For example, a indoor chicken farm have hens living in cages that are too small for them to even turn around, and are bred to reach four pounds in just six weeks by treating them with hormones. Many die because their heart and lungs cannot support this rate of growth, and the unnatural indoor conditions compromises their immune systems, leading to increased use of antibiotics and vaccines. Organic farming on the other hand will provide better conditions for animals. It is also worthy to note that all certified organic meat comes from animals that have only eaten organic food. Organic farming uses natural methods to maximize production, such as keeping cattle on their preferred grass-fed diet and allowing chickens to free range.

5. Going Organic Means Going Green Did you know that only about 1% of pesticides sprayed onto crops actually get to the pests while the other 99% enters our environment through contaminated soil and waterways. Organic farming means better soil and cleaner waterways. Chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers utilized at conventional farms destroy our most precious resources. Going organic helps reduce pollution and protects water and soil. The preservation of soil and crop rotation keeps farmland healthy and abstinence from chemicals preserves the ecosystem. Also, organic farming techniques use less energy than an average farm and are good for the soil, water and local wildlife. Chemicals, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are contaminating our environment, precious water supplies and rendering fertile farmland barren. Certified organic farming practices do not permit the use of toxic and poisonous chemicals in farming and require responsible management of healthy soil and biodiversity.


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  1. detoxdietlady

    every food that we eat should come from Organic Farming. i really get scared about those toxins coming from chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. I only eat foods which are certified that they are organically grown


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