5 Baby Skin Care Products Every Parent Should Have

5 Baby Skin Care Products Every Parent Should Have

5 Baby Skin Care Products Every Parent Should Have

Newborn babies are generally very clean. Under your protection, your baby is kept away from dirt and other grotty things. So keeping your baby clean is generally not a major obstacle. It is protecting your baby’s delicate skin from the harsh environmental conditions that is the challenge.

The following 5 baby skin care products will help clean and protect your baby and should be kept within every baby household.


Organic Baby Wash

Babies have extremely thin delicate skin. Therefore, mild cleansing needs to be done using a very gentle natural organic wash product. In most instances, using pure water is all that’s required wash away any of your baby’s impurities. Bod for Bubs Splish Splash Body Wash is a super gentle all over hair and body wash that can be used every day containing a hydrating blend of rose maroc, neroli and lavender.

Organic Baby Wipes

Diaper changes becomes a daily ritual for the parents. Keeping the bottom area clean and the skin hydrated is important to prevent the common diaper rash from developing. For convenience and ease, using bum wipes is the easiest way to clean this area. Most wipes will contain cleaning agents that effectively removes all the doo doo from the bottom as well as hydrating the skin to enhance the skin’s natural protective barrier. Aromababy’s Aromawipes with Natural Vitamin E is a terrific natural organic baby wipe for use after nappy changes or can be used for cleaning hands and feet. These are wonderfully convenient for cleaning up after a messy diaper. The wipes will leave baby clean, refreshed and relaxed.

Organic Baby Oil

Some days, your baby just can’t settle down. A massage can help to calm the nerves. Baby loves a gentle massage. Heck….. I like to be massaged once in a while!

Bod for Bubs Certified Organic Lorenzo’s Massage Oil contains a wonderful soothing blend that enhances the bond you have with your child while promoting optimum skin and muscle tone. From the toes, massage those tiny feet, gently up the legs, gently, clockwise around the tummy, and then, laying your child on the tummy (preferably across your lap) gentle strokes up the back. The soothing oils, and the touch of your gentle hands should have your child peacefully sleeping in no time.
Organic Baby Powder
You can easily make your own baby powder, out of a blend of cornstarch or arrowroot powder. Stay away from baby powders using talc. Try Burts Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder which uses cornstarch, kaolin, and slippery elms bark to help absorb wetness and relieve chafing and prickly heat conditions.

Organic Rash Cream

Whether it is a nappy rash, cradle cap rash, baby eczema rash or just itchiness with the skin, it is always handy to keep a baby rash cream in the cupboards. The itchy rash can sometimes become unbearable for babies to experience. A good organic baby rash cream will help to nourish, soften and soothe baby’s delicate skin, providing gentle and soothing relief for itchy skin. Weleda’s Rash Relief Cream is excellent in assisting the healing of skin rashes.


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    Something that can also help in an attempt Bliss Baby diaper rash cream is a blend of natural ingredients including zinc and shea butter to protect your baby’s sensitive skin irritation and soothe the skin. A food, is the application of diaper cream without using petroleum products or parabens.


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