10 Hair Removal Methods For Summer

10 Hair Removal Methods For Summer

10 Hair Removal Methods For Summer

Summer means more exposed bare naked skin. The bush that has been growing under the armpits and the weeds that has been creeping on your legs can no longer be hidden with a pair of long trousers or thick jacket. Summer means it’s time to mow the lawn and pull out the weeds from its roots.

There are many hair removal methods that can be used. Achieve smooth silky looking skin with the following 10 hair removal methods


Waxing Hair Removal

One of the most popular ways to remove hair. Waxing works by pulling out the hair from its roots. Warmed wax is evenly applied to the section of skin. A cloth strip is then applied over the waxed area and pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

The smoothness last for 3 – 8 weeks before hair regrowth. With constant waxing, hair regrowth is normally sparser and thinner.

Waxing works great on all body areas, from the legs, to the bikini to the face but the pain factor is extremely high as the wax not only takes the hair, but also the skin. Waxing is normally not suitable for those with highly sensitive skin.

Tweezing Hair Removal

A traditional method of plucking the hair from its roots one by one. Take a pair of tweezers and start plucking away.

Tweezing is more suitable for the face area such as the eyebrows or upper lips. It’s an inexpensive way for hair removal, but a good set of quality tweezers a required.

Natural Sugaring Hair Removal

Similar to waxing but alot less painful. The sugar formulation is applied and adheres to each hair individually, not the skin. So there’s no tugging or pulling. Sugaring hair removal simply grabs the hair and pulls it out by the root, instantaneously, with no lingering ache.
Traditional wax goes on hot- dilating your pores then sinking in as it cools. The result is a painful process that not only removes your hair, but your skin too. Ouch!

Sugaring products on the other hand doesn’t penetrate the skin. Instead it rides on top of the skin, adhering only to the individual hairs and pulling them out individually with minimum ache, sting or pain!With the natural / organic ingredients that are used with sugaring hair removal, it is very suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Buffing Hair Removal

Quite similar to buffing a car.

This is a less commonly used hair removal practice that is done by using a buffing tool or mitt rub to buff hair off at the skin level. Works best on fine hair with effects that do not last long but is a good quick fix used on legs between shaving or waxing. Not to be used on face, bikini area or other delicate or damaged skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal involves using a wavelength of light to penetrate the skin exposing the hair follicle to a laser–bright, pulsating light. The hair absorbs the energy and damage is done to the hair follicle preventing it from regrowth.

With repeated treatments, effects can become permanent. Regrowth may occur but the hairless result can may last for as long as 10 years.

Laser hair removal must be performed by a skilled professional. Due to the skill and equipment involved it can be quite costly. Treatments can range from $500 – $1000 and more for repeated treatments.

Threading Hair Removal

The threading hair removal method is mainly used for the facial area. This method is one of the original natural hair removal methods and is very effective on small areas on the face.

It’s becoming increasing difficult to find someone with the experience and skill to perform the threading method.

Basically, a cotton thread is rolled and twisted along the skin which traps hair and lifts it out by the root. Apparently in the hands of a professional it produces more control and better results than tweezing. Results are exceptional lasting up to 6 weeks and cost only around $10 – $15

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is a more guaranteed form of hair removal than lasers. Because electrolysis focuses on one hair at a time, it can be a tedious process, which makes it ideal for small areas like the brows, upper lip and chin.

A electrologist inserts a sterile needle into every hair follicle. A low-level electrical current kills the follicle. Think of all the hair follicles you have and you can imagine the time and pain that you have to go through.

In most instances, electrolysis hair removal is permanent. So a once in a life time pain can be worth it.

Chemical Depilatories Hair Removal

Hair removal chemical creams can be used to dissolve hair at the skin’s surface. Any cream that can burn the hair can also be extremely harsh and irritating to the skin. So it is definitely not suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Worst of all, many of the chemical hair removal products are tested on animals. Apart from being quick and inexpensive, I see no reason in using such creams or ointments.

Hair Inhibitors Hair Removal
Unlike chemical creams, hair inhibitors are natural and mimic the process that causes baldness. By changing the structure of the hair follicle the hair gradually becomes finer and softer until it finally disappears.The herbal ingredients penetrate into the hair follicle and disable the mechanism that causes hair growth. Hair Inhibitors may not work for everyone. Each individual is different in the way they respond to the active ingredients.

Some hair inhibiting products require a prescription from a doctor or the approval from a dermatologist is required before it can be obtained.

Shaving Hair Removal

Ahhh…… How can we forget about shaving.

By far the easiest and most inexpensive natural hair removal method. If you use recyclable razors and natural or organic shaving creams or soaps it can be environmentally friendly and good for your skin.

We all know the drawbacks, razor nicks and irritation especially in sensitive areas. having using an ordinary razor can result in painful ingrown hairs on the back. The effects of shaving don’t last as long as the other methods. Since the hair is cut off at the skin level from the hair shaft the regrowth creates a sharper bristly feel to the hair.

But nothing really beats the simplicity, the painlessness, the speed and the cost of shaving.

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