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Tsi-La Organic's Green Luxury offers a range of organically elegant perfumes, which enable you to experience both inner balance and outer beauty. As the leaders in authentic perfumery, Tsi-La use only ingredients from the earth to ensure a true holistic experience.

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* pronounced chee-la, the abridged version of the word "atsilvsgi", meaning "flower" in Cherokee

Tsi-La goal in creating a Perfumery was to develop natural and organic products made from the world's finest essential oils and plant botanicals. Tsi-La exceptional line of organic perfume and natural skin care products benefits your overall well-being, and enhances both your inner and outer beauty.

Tsi-La has intensive knowledge of the production of traditional fragrances and skin care products concerned us due to their complex mixtures of synthetic chemicals. These chemicals can be absorbed through your skin and into the bloodstream, threatening both your health and the environment.

This awareness inspired Tsi-La to create a "Green Luxury" line of organic perfumes and skin care formulations. All of Tsi-La natural organic products are crafted in artisan size batches using only the purest essential oils, active plant botanicals, rich exotic butters, and organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality. Tsi-La products combine raw pleasure and true luxury for a blissful experience every time they touch your skin.

Tsi-La organic perfumes and natural skin care products are infused with organic sensuality and are carefully crafted to arouse your senses. Bewitching blossoms, exotic spices, and precious woods are steeped in beauty and seduction, leaving an alluring and addictive trail, creating a craving for more.

CAUTION: Tsi-La' luxurious products may be habit forming. ..

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Find Out Why Tsi-la perfumes are so effective for making you smell so naturally delicious, without the nasty chemical allergens founds in conventional perfume products.

Find out more about Tsi-la organic perfumes. Discover how Tsi-la products can make you smell like a million dollars and bring out the feminine beauty inside. Guys will love smell and being around you.