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Tsi-La Organic Perfume Ingredients

Tsi-La certified organic perfume ingredients
Tsi-La Organics was conceived from our desire to produce 100% natural and organic fragrances and skin care products made from the world's finest essential oils and plant botanicals. The marriage of organic freshness and artfully distilled natural decadence can be found in everything we create.

Our conscientiously designed products are free of phthalates, parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients commonly found in traditional perfumery.

NO parabens
NO genetically modified organisms
NO dioxins
NO synthetic fragrance
NO petrochemicals
NO synthetic colors
NO propylene glycol
NO excess packaging
NO sulphates

Tsi~La products are suitable for vegetarians.
NO animal testing

STIRRING & SEDUCTIVE: white fragrant delicate flowers known as "the mistress of the night." Tuberose is relaxing and enhancing to ones character. A Sweet narcotic floral that is a seductive and provocative aphrodisiac.

Jasmine ALLURING & EROGENIC: white delicate flowers with a warm floral scent that is erogenic and alluring. It produces a feeling of confidence and euphoria to the wearer. Jasmine balances male and female energies and stimulates creativity.

Orange Flower HYPNOTIC & EUPHORIC: light and sweet white fragrant blossoms. Orange flower blossoms signify purity and love. It is calming, mildly hypnotic and promotes harmony and self confidence.

Rose CALMING & SOOTHING: the soft velvet petals of the rose produce a rich, warm, floral note. It is a labor intensive process that takes 2,000 rose blossoms to produce 2 grams of essence. The queen of flowers that symbolizes beauty, love and perfection. A well known aphrodisiac that connects ones sexuality and radiates love.

Sandalwood MEDITATIVE & SOOTHING: a small evergreen tree that produces a distinctive soft, woody, balsamic scent. A perfume since antiquity. Sandalwood is grounding, meditative, calming and helps focus the mind.

Lavender TRANQUILITY & BALANCE: beautiful violet blue flowers that have a sweet floral herbaceous scent. Lavender is soothing, tranquil and calms mind, body and spirit.

Bergamot REFRESHING & UPLIFTING: petite yellow colored citrus that produce a fresh sweet fruity note with a hint of spice. Bergamot helps one expand and open their heart, radiate love and promotes balance and happiness.

Vanilla SENSUAL & COMFORTING: the fruit of the delicate vanilla orchid produces a rich, sweet vanilla aroma. Comforting, sensual and warming; helpful in calming emotions and evoking sweet memories.

Moss BALANCING & SUPPORTIVE: a light green lichen found on oak trees that produces a dark green, earthy scent. It is grounding, balancing and supportive.

Citron PURIFYING & REJUVENATING: ripe yellow fruit that produces a delicate citrus scent. Rejuvenating and restoring.Clears the mind, purifies, promotes awareness and is the essence of joy.

Tangerines SOOTHING & GENTLE: a yellow fleshy fruit that produces a sweet , candied almost floral citrus note. Uplifting, nurturing, warming and produces a sense of well being to the wearer.

Vetiver GROUNDING & BALANCING: the roots of a perennial scented grass that produce a dark brown, earthy, woody oil. It is known as the oil of tranquility; it is calming, balancing, instills self confidence and is supportive.

Peppermint REFRESHING & COOLING: the perennial herb that produces a crisp, clean, minty note. It is clearing and uplifting and is the essence of purity.

Black Pepper STIMULATING & WARMING: the dried fruit is distilled to produce a clear, warm, spicy note. This prized spice has been traded for thousands of years. Black pepper is a stimulating and warming aphrodisiac.

Lemongrass CLEARING & UPLIFTING: light green leaf blades & sheaths produce an intense lemony note. An uplifting and clearing essence that is helpful in reducing stress related conditions. Lemongrass is exotic, calming & cheerful.

Frankincense MEDITATIVE & CALMING: resin is collected by making incisions into the bark which produces a clean, earthy woody note. It is emotionally soothing, meditative and spiritual. Frankincense is the essence of serenity.

Ilang Ilang EUPHORIC & EROTIC: the perfume trees' yellow flowers produce a heavy, sweet, sensual, floral note. Known as the flower of flowers. Can bring on feelings of joy, build self confidence and create a euphoric mood.

Jojoba Oil USDA certified Organic : a living oil retaining its nutritional content. A light fine texture that contains proteins, minerals, vitamins and constitutes that mimic collagen.

Apricot Oil USDA certified Organic : a living oil retaining its nutritional content. It has a light texture that is easily absorbed. Apricot contains Vitamins A, C, E and an abundance of minerals which makes this oil perfect for skin.

Coconut Oil : light weight oil that absorbs quickly into the skin. Rich in capric and caprylic acid makes this oil stable and a natural anti oxidant.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) : a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that protects skin from free radicals and damage.

Blueberry Extract : organic blueberries are chalk full of antioxidants and phytonutrients that help protect the skin.

Goji Berry Extract : organic goji berries are rich in antioxidants including beta-carotene and zeaxanthin.

Persimmon Extract : organic persimmons are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Rooibos Extract : organic rooibos red tea is high in minerals such as calcium. Rich in antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol : the production of alcohol from sugar cane is much more environmentally-friendly and does not cause a shortage of food. An environmentally sound product that is hypo-allergenic and naturally GMO free.

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Tsi-la perfumes uses 100% natural and organic fragrances and skin care products are made from the world's finest essential oils and plant botanicals. Special ingredients are incorporates it into each of its fine selection of organic perfumes

Find out which organic ingredients are used to make Tsi-la perfumes so delicious. Organic Tuberose, Jasmine, orange flower, rose, sandalwood, lavender, bergamot, vanilla are some of the key ingredients used to making Tsi-la.