"An ancient secret using organic, food-grade formulation to painlessly remove hair for up to 8 weeks."



I am an Esthetician and have used many different waxes in my professional time. I stumbled upon moom and LOVE it!! Review by Kirstengirl

I tried Moom for the first time today and I will never go back to laser hair removal. Worked better than laser and I saved about $80.00! I used it on my face and can't wait to try it on my legs. Great product. - Pamela

It is just incredible, i love the product and if somebody is telling me that they do not feel the same, i would say, well my dear, you don't know how to use it

Not only it removed my hair painlessly!!!! My skin is so soft.!!!This is the best hair removal product I have ever tried - Exotic Ashley

I just tried this for the first time and it beats waxing hands down. I used it on my legs and it left my skin really smooth and not red like waxing does and no cuts from razors anymore. Great all natural product. - Sarah J

I love moom so much! I've been using it for a couple weeks on my legs and arm pits (and also my bikini line) and my hair stays away much longer than with shaving or waxing. And waxing hurts so bad I'll never go through that again - Rachel

After seeing the commercial i was sold! I bought MOOM and it works great :). 5 Stars for sure! Natasha

I used MooM about 3 1/2 weeks ago and I have had no regrowth since then - Petula Dedish

My daughter who is 20 has been using MooM for about 5 years. She loves MooM, it's the only product she will use - Deborah Calabata

I found using MooM was not painful at all, even in the bikini area - Serafina Wales

After using MooM my skin feels soft and smooth, there is no rash. Just give MooM a chance and you'll fall in love with it like I did - Martha Suarez

Waxing was very painful. MooM was not painful at all. It's very, very gentle on your skin. I didn't feel any pain at all - Pauline Yee

I love MooM because it is really easy to use, it washes off with water, it's 100% organic and my skin feels soft and smooth when I'm done - Melanie Merriman

I use MooM on my legs and I use MooM on sensitive areas. Especially in the summer I use it for bikini waxes. I used to go to salons and pay almost $40 evertime. Now I can do mine at home and there is no issue with it. It's just so soft on the skin, it's organic, it just doesn't irritate and it's just so simple to use - Tiana Sharifi



Unlike harsh chemical hair wax, MOOM is designed to only remove hair and not the skin. It's gentle enough to not break hair at the surface but delicately removes it with the root.

MOOM is the only USDA certified hair removal agent with absolutely NO toxic chemicals, artificial fragrances or nasty irritants.

MOOM is an ORGANIC, PAINLESS HAIR REMOVAL system that lasts up to 8 weeks. No more razors, waxes or harsh chemicals. It's a fast, easy way to remove body hair from legs, under arms, bikini lines, eyebrows, cheek lines and more.

Based on an ancient secret—MOOM’s organic, food-grade formulation adheres to each hair individually, not the skin. In fact, MOOM never adheres to skin, so there’s no tugging or pulling. MOOM simply grabs the hair and pulls it out by the root, instantaneously, with no lingering ache.

And the best part is—the more you MOOM, the less you have to MOOM. With MOOM, you’ll experience less hair regrowth over time. The hair that does grow back becomes finer and less noticeable over time.

MOOM is the fast, easy, pain-free way to remove body hair from; legs, under arms, biniki lines, cheek lines, eyebrows... and more

Traditional wax goes on hot—dilating your pores then sinking in as it cools. The result is a painful process that not only removes your hair, but your skin too. Ouch!

MOOM never penetrates the skin. Instead it rides on top of the skin, adhering only to the individual hairs and pulling them out individually—no ache, sting or pain!

MOOM vs. shaving
Razors use a sharp metal blade to slice off the top of the hair. Besides the inevitable cuts, you end up with razor burn and ingrown hairs that leave ugly bumps.

MOOM removes each hair entirely and instantaneously. No cuts, rashes or ingrown hairs. Plus, MOOM lasts for up to 8 weeks, so shaving every other day becomes a thing of the past.

MOOM vs. chemicals
Chemically burning the hair off your skin is as harsh as it sounds. Chemicals can cause skin irritation, rashes or worse. And hair regrowth typically returns in as soon as 2-5 days.

When you MOOM, you’re actually doing something good for your skin. All natural ingredients like Chamomile, Lemon and soothing Tea Tree Oil promote youthful, vibrant skin everywhere.

CAUTION: MOOM should never be used hot or it may cause burns. MOOM should only be used at a warm temperature

Before Moom, hair removal systems concentrated on removing unwanted hair. Little attention was paid to the damage they caused to the skin. Moom revolutionized the hair removal industry by making the skin the first consideration. Moom is so pure that it contains nothing but these 6 beneficial ingredients:
- Chamomile
- Boswellia
- Lemon Juice
- Aloe Vera
- Sugar
- Water