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I discovered BABY BEAR SHOP while I was pregnant with my second child and I was instantly sold. The philosophy struck a chord with me and the products were by far amazing. When I tried the lip balms I was equally smitten. In today's world we are offered so many choices yet some products claim to be 'natural' and in fact have a whole world of chemicals hidden inside them. BABY BEAR SHOP does not. It's not only safe for your skin but the most sensitive child. They are made by mothers with a commitment to create high quality and ethical products ground up. "All the better to kiss you with" are delightfully packaged and smell and feel heavenly. This is a luxury product for a thoughtful consumer.
-Karen Elson, supermodel, mother of two

BABY BEAR SHOP has a great line of organic products. I am addicted to the 'All the better to Kiss you With' lip balm. It is well-named. I keep one in every pocket, and the Lavender one goes by my bedside at night!
- Kimberly Paisley, actress


This has been a God send for us. My 20 month old grandson HAD a patch of dryness on his leg that seemed to get larger each month. The MD looked at it and simply called it dry skin and seemed unconcerned. Told us to put Aveno lotion onto it. We did this but it did not clear. It actually began to grow more and was moving onto the groin/buttock area. Jacob also developed a patch on his elbow area. It did not seem to be bothering him in any way, such as itching, so he was blessed in this way. Seems it bothered Mom and Grandnunna more than it did the baby. I saw the Southern Living article. Thank You Jesus! I ordered the butter and within 3 days could see a difference. We used this 3 times a day on the rashy areas. by the time I received the butter his left buttock and upper thigh was rashy. Today he has no dryness, scaly areas. Thank you for this product. We put the butter on ant bites, mosquito/gnat bites, scrapes, scratches and even a lip that was bumped and bloody. I have been using it on some spots on my arms and am waiting for them to clear away. I am a diabetic and had rubbed a blister on my heels 4 weeks ago. As you probably know diabetics heal very slowly. With this product my heels were healed over within 4 days. I have only a tiny red area today to remind me of the sore. Thank you for developing this product. We are firm believers and are telling everyone.
-Carrol Dickerson


I love lip balm & your flavors are yummy - Thanks so much! Also wanted you to know how much we are enjoying the cheeky baby butter. My 4-mo old daughter happpens to have gotten an allergic reaction to some bath soap at the same time I received your product & it's done a beautiful job of helping to clear up & ease the rash. As a test, I tried using regular baby lotion for 2 days & it didn't do much of anything - As soon as I switched back to your product, her skin cleared right up. It's just wonderful & smells great as an added bonus! Thanks again - I will definitely let other Mom's know about your company - Have a wonderful day 
-Rebecca & Isabella


I too spent thousands of dollars - and went to countless pediatricians and dermatologists - trying to figure out what was going on with both of my boys' very sensitive skin. As I said - the Cheeky Baby Butter has been our life saver. Anyway, I do love your product and will continue to use it and rave about it. Many thanks, 


I have been using the Cheeky Baby Butter for my dry skin and am pleased to tell you that it has helped with my dry skin. My skin is finding relief! I've only used it for 2 weeks so with time I hope I see a huge difference.

My 18 year old son has began using it on his elbow and hands. He likes the way it feels and doesn't leave his skin greasy.
Angie (50yrs)


Hi my name is Erin and I am so happy to have found your products! As a mother of a 20 month old with another on the way I find it extremely frustrating trying to raise my daughter as naturally and organically as possible. Too many products hide the ingredients or mask harsh chemicals by throwing in one or two organic components. I am a pediatric nurse and I don't think enough people realize how important it is to eat, live, and raise our children organically. Thank you for an amazing product. Here is my only question , are your products and product ingredients made in the USA? Thanks for your time!


I just wanted to let you know that my granddaughter who is almost 7 was a premature birth and has had rough skin all her life. I bought a jar of the Cheeky Baby Butter and her Mom uses it exclusively on her. It has softened her skin when nothing the doctors ordered did. Thank you

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